Ask any makeup artist and they will tell you that color is very important in the artistry of makeup application. At CCG, we offer a very large selection of color makeup for private label sale. We carry over 160 private label lipstick colors, over 100 colors in private label eyeshadows, and the list continues. Not only do we have the color you are looking for, but we have great formulations in makeup products. Below is an overview of our private label make up wholesale products.

Lipstick, Lipglosses, and Lip Liners

The CCG private label lipsticks are all very pigmented, moisturizing , lubricating with healing properties. They also  contain vitamins A and E. We have lipsticks in our super  hydrating formula, pearls, matte and regular formulas. The lip glosses are anti-dehydrant with skin-healing properties. We carry two private label lipstick formulas, regular and maxi, that contains a natural  peptide to restore collagen and add volume. We also carry a long-wearing, smudge-free private label lipliner.


Powder and Cream Blushes

Our private label makeup cream blushes are loved for their color and long lasting formula that help give a youthful glow. The powder blushes stay true to color, is long lasting, and we carry over 50 different colors.

Eyeshadows and Eye products

With over 100 shades of flat, pearl and ultra pearl private label eyeshadows, you are sure to find the color you are looking for. This private label eyeshadow is ultra-smooth and easy to blend. The eye liner pencil defines the eye without flaking or fading. The much loved eye primer and private label colored mascara is a great set to sale. The mascara is gentle , ph balanced for the eye and soap free. We cannot forget the brows and of course we carry the fix to hold them in place and the brush on brow powder.


Foundations, Concealers, and Powders

We carry the traditional pressed powder and loose powders that are used to set makeup and fight shine. We also have the most loved mineral powder makeup that is oil free, talc-free, pure, gentle, a healthy foundation. Our holistic rejuvenating foundation stick has anti-aging complex, vitamins E, C, aloe and moisturizers. We also carry several formulas in liquid foundations, cream to powder and concealers in a pot, wand, and cover stick. We have several correctors to even out skin tones. Our concealers blend easily and the prized putty covers those scars and marks.

Specialty Products & Primers

When you need to prime or set, we have a product for you. Private label makeup products include the makeup face primer, the eye fixative (primer), the lip keep, the lash primer, and the brow fix. We also carry the most loved vitamin E stick that nourishes and protects the lips.


We have a long list of accessories, including professional brushes, sponges, train cases, displays and more.