BB CREAM: What makes ours different from competitors.

  • The new BB Cream for private label does it all: primes, moisturizes, covers, color corrects, fights aging and protects skin from free radicals. The best thing about this foundation is that it leaves your skin looking even and feeling silky smooth.

About Our BB Cream

  • The much anticipated BB Cream is our favorite new cosmetic product and is now available for pre-order for private label sale. The private label BB cream by CCG is enhanced from natural ingredients, promotes healthier looking skin, and is paraben free. Created to replace a multiple step routine, our BB Cream acts as both anti aging skin care, as well as makeup. 

  • The New BB Cream for Private Label is available in a 1.3 fl. oz. airless, clear tube with a black lid. It is also available in a mini clear pump tube of .15 fl. oz. that is great for travel, luxury samples and trial sizes.

What is BB Cream?

  • BB Cream stands for Beauty Balm. Developed in the 1960’s by Dr. Christine Schrammek (a German dermatologist) BB Cream was initially created as an all in one product for her patients after surgery. Over the next 50 years, the product remained relatively unheard of until 2009, when the use of BB Cream became widely popular in Asian countries. Soon the trend began to spread west, and now BB Cream is the new go-to cosmetic product for many women, makeup artist, and celebrities across the globe.