The skin is your largest organ. It forms a vital, protective barrier that acts as a first line of defense from environmental assaults and reflects the state of our health.

The Contemporary Cosmetic Group scientists have researched state-of-the-art technology and ingredients to create formulas that are not only scientifically superior but also non-irritating and gentle in nature. This philosophy mandates that all products omit known or suspected irritants to help insure compatibility with the skin.

We have a great selection of products and the best introduction to our private label skin care products is to spend some time with our organic formulations. We welcome you to visit our headquarters in Little Falls, NJ that will give you the opportunity to evaluate the skin care line. Alternately, if you cannot pay us a visit, you can purchase the skin care sample kit. This will give you the ability to touch and test our range of great products from home.



Our range of cleansers concentrate on restoring ph balance, are gentle and do not strip or dry the skin. Our famous and most loved all type skin cleanser is specially formulated to resemble the natural chemistry of the skin. The Alpha Hydroxy is formulated for sensitive skin and uses fruit acids to gently remove dead cells. We even carry a gel cleanser for people who like the gel feel.

Toners and Astringents

The CCG toners and astringents help retain moisture, soothe, prevent dry patches  and blot excess oil. The toners also balance ph and help remove any excess dirt and grime. As well as also ready your skin for your moisturizers and treatments.  A great second step in your skincare routine.


We have a wide range of cosmetic private label skin care moisturizers in creme and lotion forms that keep the skin moist, protected and prevent premature aging. Our Collagen/Elastin  moisturizers increase firmness and our hyaluronic  crèmes and lotions are our super moisturizers. The Hema night crème contains Chamomile and Aloe Vera for a luxurious night treatment. We even have moisturizers that fight against the daily environmental damage.

Masques and Exfoliators

Masques and exfoliators are our private label skin care products that pack a lot of punch. That is why we love them and use them to relax or before preparing for a big event. The masques and exfoliations at CCG help, firm, exfoliate, moisturize and remove impurities. The top selling honey and almond scrub is a gentle exfoliator that can be used everyday. It uses natural almonds to scrub and invigorate the skin. The moisture gel masque energizes and stimulates circulation as well as replenish moisture. Of course, what is a system without a firming masque or a clay masque and we have both. The traditional clay masque removes impurities and shrinks pores and the firming masque firms and nourishes the skin.

Private Label Serums, Complex, and Treatments

Serums, treatments and complexes are concentrated and fight targeted problems. CCG carries a great selection of private label skin care, from vitamin c serums and cremes that fight free radicals and promote collagen as well as a balance control treatment that moisturize and reduces shine. We also carry  anti aging   products such as the super skin conditioner  and healing hyaluronic repare concentrate and rejuvenating cremes and complexes with potent peptide technology.

Eye Treatments

CCG has a large and targeted selection of eye treatments.  It includes the Depuffing Complex to target the puffiness around the eye that increases lymphatic circulation to reduce retained fluids and therefore reduce puffiness. The Dark Circle Complex that diminishes color, fades oxidized blood and therefore reducing the dark color around the eyes. There is the super moisturizer hyaluronic for eyes and the eye gel that protects against daily pollutants and the rejuvenating crème that is a super packed anti-oxidant and is  line and wrinkle diminisher. There is a product for every eye concern your customer may have.

Makeup Support

The private label skin care makeup support system at CCG includes makeup remover cremes, the loved chamomile eye makeup remover and the anti-aging  makeup primer.


The Contemporary Cosmetic  Group provides a large selection of proven skin care products available for private label sale. Our products are proven in the anti aging market and come in day creams, night creams, lotions, powerful serums, complexes, treatments, and eye creams.

We are constantly on the forefront in the anti-aging market and we can complete the research for you on the latest advancements in treatments.